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GLOCK slimline concealed carry pistol GLOCK Slimline models

GLOCK Slimline
Developed for concealed carry

The smallest GLOCK pistols ever!

GLOCK concealed carry pistol G43

Size matters - Developed for concealed carry

Designed to be the favored back up; perfect for everyday concealed carry needs.
Slim construction - par excellence: slim slide and slim frame with a GLOCK single stack magazine

GLOCK slimline beaver tail

Comfortable grip with beaver tail  

The grip of the slimline models has a built-in beaver tail design, which allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip.

GLOCK Safe Action System

Safe Action® System

Three safeties disengage sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically reengage when the trigger is released.
Same trigger pull for each shot – short trigger reset.

GLOCK slimline surface refinement

Surface refinement

The surface of the GLOCK slide and barrel is black and non reflective. All GLOCK metal parts are subject to a surface treatment making them corrosion and salt water resistant.

GLOCK slimline polymer frame

Polymer frame

The durable and lightweight polymer frame absorbs recoil due to the dampening characteristics of the polymer.

GLOCK slimeline RTF

Special grip texture  

The slimline RTF was designed to enhance grip traction, without being too aggressive.

GLOCK slimline reversible magazine catch

Reversible magazine catch

The magazine catch of the slimline frame is reversible and enlarged towards the rear of the pistol. For left and right handed users.

GLOCK magazine extension

Magazine with extension

A magazine with extension is available for securing the grip and better ergonomics.

GLOCK slimline barrel profile

Barrel profile

The polygonal barrel is easy to clean and its better bullet to barrel fit increases the velocity of the projectile. 

GLOCK slimline loaded chamber indicator

Loaded chamber indicator

A visible and palpable indicator is located on the extractor.

GLOCK slimline slide stop lever

Slide stop lever

A fully functional slide stop lever stops the slide in the rearward position after having fired the last round in the magazine.

GLOCK slimline trigger distance

Trigger distance

The trigger distance of the slimline pistols is reduced compared to other GLOCK models.  The grip angle is equivalent to the larger pistols in the GLOCK lineup.

GLOCK slimline sights

Standard GLOCK sights

The dimensions of the standard GLOCK rear sights were reduced to fit the slim slide.

GLOCK slimline single stack magazine

GLOCK single stack magazine

The magazine of the GLOCK slimline pistols has a GLOCK single stack design to reduce its dimensions to a minimum. The metal insert is covered by a polymer coating as for all GLOCK magazines.

The following GLOCK Slimline models are available:

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