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Get to know the different handgun calibers

Knowing how ammunition works is essential for getting the most out of your firearm. Learn more about the standard measurements.

Ammunition is measured by the bullet's diameter. For example, a 9 mm bullet is approximately 9,01 mm and a 40 S&W bullett is 0.40 inches in diameter. Depending on the origin of its invention, ammunition is measured using millimeters or inches. 9 mm ammunition originates in Europe, whereas the 40 S&W caliber was invented in the United States.
Caliber 9 mm Luger bullet illustration

9 mm

Proven ballistic performances, moderate recoil, worldwide distribution.
Caliber .40 S&W bullet illustration

40 S&W

Increased release of energy in the target, optimised urban applicability.
Caliber 10 mm Auto bullet illustration

10 mm Auto

Maximum ballistic performance and maximum penetrative power, the ultimate force.
Caliber .45 Auto bullet illustration

45 Auto

Almost 100 years old caliber with outstanding precision and maximum release of energy.
Caliber .45 GAP bullet illustration

45 GAP

All the power of a 45 Auto in casing of reduced size.
Caliber .380 Auto bullet illustration

380 Auto

Particularly easy controlability with convincing ballistics and a 9 mm projectile.
Caliber .357 SIG bullet illustration

357 SIG

Maximum velocity and penetrative power, even against light armour. 
Caliber 22 l.r. bullet illustration

22 l.r.

Minimal recoil and relatively low noise. Widely used in recreational shooting and an ideal option for new shooters.

Training ammunition

There are different ammunition types available to deliver realistic training scenarios. The main manufacturers of Force-on-Force Training ammunition are Simunition®, Force-on-Force™ and UTM - Ultimate Training Munitions.
FX® bullet illustration


Available in different colors, the FX® marking cartridge is ideal for non-lethal Force-on-Force training at ranges up to 8 meters. The detergent-based, water-soluble color leaves a mark on the target, allowing for accurate assessment of hits and potential wounds.
FX® non-marking bullet illustration

FX® Non-Marking

The FX® Non-Marking cartridges are designed for use where marking is not desired.
Securi-Blank® Quiet bullet illustration


The SecuriBlank® soundless cartridge will permit training at short ranges without the effects of muzzle blast and excessive noise levels. 
With no gas-discharge, this round will not damage human tissue or even paper.
9 mm FX® CQT bullet illustration

FX CQT® (Close Quarters Target)

This reduced-energy lethal polymer ammunition is not to be fired at personnel. FX CQT® is ideal for target shooting, both indoor and outdoor, for basic firearms training or advanced tactical shooting exercises.
9 mm FOF bullet illustration

9 mm Force on Force

Force on Force marker rounds are available in 5 colours. FOF training ammunition boasts a five-years shelf life and lead-free components. This ammunition has a 1-foot stand of range, making it suitable for MOUT/FIBUA and CQT® scenario training.
9 mm MMR bullet illustration

9 mm Man-Marker-Round - plastic (MMR)

This plastic UTM Man-Marker-Round is designed specifically for the use in pistols as opposed to use in SMGs. A system which includes low-emission and non-toxic materials for modern and up to date training scenarios. These rounds also mark glancing hits and do not need to burst in order to mark.
9 mm TBR bullet illustration

9 mm Target-Bullet-Round (TBR)

This target round allows modern law enforcement and military personnel to practice target shooting without the need for a shooting range. This round is not intended for force-on-force training and is perfectly suited for shooting houses and FIBUA Scenarios.
9 mm UTX® bullet illustration

9 mm UTX

The new 9 mm UTX marker round gives users the chance to train with FX training weapons while using UTMs non-lethal training solutions. This new development from UTM gives the FX training system greater flexibility and relevance.
Different models of GLOCK training and instruction pistols

GLOCK Training

Equipment for realistic training scenarios

GLOCK Training

Equipment for realistic training scenarios