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GLOCK Safe Action® Training and instruction pistols

Developed for reality based shooting exercises and training

Taking training to the next level requires more than just paper targets and an hour at the range. With situations and engagements becoming more complex, modern law enforcements and military units use Force-on-Force training to give their officers and soldiers the training they need to succeed.

GLOCK offers a wide range of Training tools to help customers prepare for the real world while maintaining the same handling and ergonomics as the regular GLOCK pistols.

Also available among the GLOCK Training Arsenal is the Cutaway pistol, which helps armorers and instructors explain the inner workings of a GLOCK. This aid makes education and training become more visual and hands-on.

GLOCK Training and instruction pistols
GLOCK Training pistols

Safe Action® Training pistols

Situational training has proven to take officers to the edge and encourage them to perform more realistically. Force-on-Force training will expose flaws and bad reactions while in a simulated environment. High stress levels and the resulting drop in accuracy, situational awareness and thought-through reactions show officers what they need to expect when real situations go bad.
Designed specifically for use with either FX/FOF or UTM Ammunition, these pistols offer the same ergonomics and touch-and-feel which officers are familiar with their service pistols. The Gen4 pistols are a distinctive blue with a revolutionary 80% polymer slide in order to make them visually distinct and light weight. This distinctive color keeps training pistols from being mistaken for live fire weapons.
GLOCK Magazine G17T with blue floor plate

GLOCK training magazines

Training magazines are identified by the same distinctive blue polymer magazine floor plate.

Fitting ammunition for GLOCK FX® / FOF

There are various ammunition types available from the following manufacturers for the GLOCK FX®/FOF Training pistols:

  • Simunition®: FX®, FX® Non Marking, SecuriBlank® - Quiet, FX CQT®
  • Force on Force™: 9 mm FOF
  • UTM - Ultimate Training Munitions®: 9 mm UTX

Fitting ammunition for GLOCK UTM

There are various ammunition types of UTM - Ultimate Training Munitions® available for the GLOCK UTM Training pistols:

  • 9 mm Man-Marker-Round - aluminium (MMR)
  • 9 mm Man-Marker-Round - plastic (MMR)
  • 9 mm Target-Bullet-Round (TBR)

GLOCK Practice and Reset pistols

Back to the basics. GLOCK Practice pistols are engineered to function like a live pistol. These clearly marked GLOCK P models enable safe dry-fire platforms in order to practice all the basic pistol-handling steps. Trigger squeeze, sight alignment, and tactical and speed reloads can all be practiced with the GLOCK Practice and Reset pistols  which are identical in size, weight and balance to live weapons. These pistols are not able to fire live ammunition, which makes them ideal for indoor use as well as close-quarters or hand-to-hand training drills.

Expanding the range of GLOCK dry-fire pistols is the Reset pistolThe GLOCK R models were created with shooting simulators in mind. An aftermarket laser impulse generator can be integrated into the barrel, which will fire a laser impulse with every pull of the trigger. Unlike the Practice pistol, the reset pistols trigger will automatically reset after every shot, making racking the slide obsolete during training.

GLOCK Cutaway models

The GLOCK Cutaway gives instructors the tool they need in order to properly explain "what makes a GLOCK a GLOCK". Showing all the parts of the "Safe Action Systems", the cutaway pistol emphasizes the simplicity of the gun that revolutionized handgun design and is still the number one pistol in terms or reliability and simplicity.

GLOCK Safe training equipment

Empty chamber flag, dummy barrel and dummy rounds

For customers who want to train with the gun they carry every day, GLOCK offers training tools like polymer dummy rounds and dummy barrels. These are manufactured in a bright orange to show that they are safe to use and pose no threat. The dummy-barrel prevents any type of ammunition from being chambered and additionally offers support for the firing pin in order to facilitate safe dry-firing of the gun. 

GLOCK Empty chamber flags are ideal for storing the weapon and instantly showing that the pistol is unloaded and safe to handle.
GLOCK Safe Training Equipment
GLOCK Empty chamber flag

GLOCK Empty chamber flag

This orange polymer indicator shaped as a cartridge with a vertical extension is inserted into the chamber via the ejection port.
GLOCK Dummy barrel

GLOCK Dummy barrel

This inert training accessory is made of orange polymer and can replace the original barrel for training purposes.
GLOCK Dummy round

GLOCK Dummy rounds

The GLOCK Dummy rounds made of orange polymer are the safe choice made by the police, military and civilians for training purpose. 50 Dummy rounds come in one polymer box.

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