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Last updated: July 2017


This Web Site (the "" web site is meant with "Web Site") is operated by GLOCK Gesellschaft m.b.H., Gaston Glock Park 1, 9170 Ferlach, Austria (hereafter referred to as "GLOCK", "We" and "Us"). The media owner and publisher of the Web Site is also GLOCK Gesellschaft m.b.H. The Content of this Web Site is the property of GLOCK.  Weapons can neither be ordered nor purchased via this Web Site.


The visiting and usage of this Web Site is subject to the following General Conditions of Use. The General Conditions of Use contain the applicable regulations for the Web Site, as well as the services and Content that is available to the Users (hereafter referred to as "Users", or "You"). They regulate the agreement between you and GLOCK with regard to the visiting and use of the Web Site and its Content; they are therefore also binding for you. 

By visiting the Web Site, or services or Content on the Web Site, you declare and recognise that you have read, understood and consented to the General Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to the following General Conditions of Use, you must not use the GLOCK Web Site, its Content or services. 

GLOCK reserves the right to amend or revise the General Conditions of Use at any time. The last respective valid version of the General Conditions of Use is published on the Web Site under "Last Update". By using the Web Site after publication of changes, you are subject to the new General Conditions of Use. You should therefore view the Conditions of Use from time to time, in order to acknowledge any changes that have been made.


Furthermore, certain further regulations are applicable for different individual Content or services on the Web Site in relation to personal data and information. These regulations are published on the Web Site under our Data Protection Guidelines and our Cookie Guidelines. They are also part of our General Conditions of Use. 


If not otherwise stated, the property of all documents, Content and services provided on this Web Site, thus in particular (but not limited to) the texts, brands, logos, graphics, pictures, animations, videos, sound, pieces of music, illustrations, structure, design, know-how, technologies, products, process, software, etc. (hereafter summarised as "Content") is that of GLOCK or companies affiliated to GLOCK or is used with the consent of the owners and is protected by copyright, trade mark law, design laws, patent laws or other intellectual (ownership) rights to which they are entitled in accordance with applicable laws (hereafter referred to as "industrial property rights"). Unauthorised use of the Content can therefore breach copyright, trade mark law or other laws. In this regard, we expressly point out that the GLOCK brand and all other trademarks on the Web Site are protected by (trade mark) law. 

No element and no information that is shown on the Web Site is to be understood or interpreted as the granting of a licence or other (usage) right. With regard to all rights (property, industrial property rights, copyright, trade mark law, etc.), no-one is granted a licence or other usage right. 

The Content of this Web Site must only be used for personal, non-commercial use. Any other distribution or any other use, including reproduction, amendment, sales, broadcast or dissemination of the Web Site’s Content, in full or in part, is expressly forbidden without the prior consent of GLOCK. 


GLOCK has undertaken all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided on the Web Site is correct and complete at the time of preparation. Nevertheless, GLOCK does not guarantee the correctness, freedom from errors, quality, accuracy, reliability, functionality, suitability for use, availability, completeness or currentness of the Web Site or the information, Content or services provided on it and does not guarantee, in relation to this, as well as in relation to expected results or with regard to the non-breach of commercial or intellectual-property rights or other rights of third parties with regard to the suitability of Content, information or services for a certain purpose, any express or implied assurances, warranties or guarantees, of any kind. Visiting and using the Web Site, navigating on it and the use of the Content, information and services or decisions made based on trusting it is made at the user’s own and exclusive risk. All decisions that are based on the information provided on a Web Site is the individual and sole responsibility and the discretion of the user. 

GLOCK reserves the right to amend, supplement, delete or otherwise temporarily or permanently suspend the Web Site, the Content or services at any time, without giving prior notification.

GLOCK does not assume any guarantee or liability, however arisen, for direct damages, consequential damages or other damages of any kind that arise for any reason in relation to direct or indirect use of its Web Site or – in contrast – the impossibility of using the website or direct or indirect use of the information provided on the Web Site, including hyperlinks. GLOCK therefore in particular does not assume any guarantee or liability for the Web Site or its Content being available without interruption or being available at all, being free of errors or faults or that faults are rectified, and likewise that the Web Site or resources (servers, for example) are free of viruses or other dangerous components. 

Against this backdrop, you expressly declare that you consent to GLOCK, companies affiliated to GLOCK, employees of GLOCK or employees of companies affiliated to GLOCK, institutions and authorised representatives of GLOCK or authorised representatives of companies affiliated to GLOCK in particular not being liable if, as a result of the use of the Web Site or the Content thereof, or by not being able to use the Web Site, in particular (but not limited to) costs for maintenance or replacement of devices/hardware, loss of profit, lost orders, lost opportunities, lost contracts, decreased revenues, damages arising from data loss or from company interruptions, immaterial damages, incidental or coincidental damage, exemplary damages etc. result, regardless of whether the liability arises from a contract or crime or any other thing and regardless of whether it is direct or indirect damage or consequential damage, even if the possibility of such losses was known to GLOCK or must have been known. 

If the exclusion of liability or the limitation of liability and/or guarantee is not legally permitted, so that the above-mentioned limitations and exclusions of liability are not applicable in full or in part, the exclusion or limitation of liability and guarantee is applicable to the maximum permissible extent on the basis of applicable law.


The Web Site can contain links to third-party Web Sites, the content of which is neither operated nor checked by GLOCK and GLOCK is not responsible for the content and information thereof. Such links are only included in the interests of user-friendliness and do not mean that GLOCK approves of these sites, agrees with them, makes them their own in any way or is connected to the operators of them in a commercial sense or any other manner. If the user makes use of such links to other web sites, GLOCK does not accept any responsibility, liability or guarantee, in particular neither for the content of these web sites (for example, a breach of legal regulations or morality, incorrect or incomplete content) nor for data protection practices on such web sites, or for any damages that arise from the use of linked information. Access to linked web sites is made at the user's own and exclusive risk.

GLOCK likewise also does not assume responsibility or liability for Content, information, damages or losses that arise as a result of the placing of links from an external web site to the GLOCK Web Site (see also Item 3 in relation to these Conditions of Use).


You can contact us, ask us questions or send messages by means of a dedicated contact form that is provided on the Web Site for you. You must be at least 18 years old for this. After sending the contact form to us, you will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your message or query by email. Note that GLOCK will process your enquiries and respond if possible; there is no legal obligation for GLOCK to do this however. For data collected and processed in this manner, please read our data protection terms. 

By sending us the contact form, you confirm that the data you have sent to us therein and all other information that you have put therein (if applicable) is complete, current, true and not misleading in any way. 


As a user of the GLOCK Web Site, you undertake, with your conduct when using the site, to not breach codes of morality, to not act unlawfully or illegally in any other way, or to breach these GLOCK Conditions of Use. You undertake in particular, when using the GLOCK Web Site, to not breach any intellectual property rights, copyright or other property rights, or the rights of third parties, to not send any content with viruses, Trojan horses or other potentially damaging programs or files when using the Web Site that may damage, deactivate or otherwise impair the GLOCK Web Site or the usage of the GLOCK Web Site by third parties, to not send hyperlinks or contents that you are not authorised to or that is illegal or unlawful, and to not use communication with GLOCK – in particular the contact form – to send advertisements, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes or similar, or to defame, abuse, insult, threaten other people, or to otherwise breach their rights. 


With the exception of personal data and information that comes under the data protection guidelines (cf. above under Item 3 of the General Conditions of Use), all information, data or materials that you send to GLOCK via our Web Site, by email or any other way, including data, enquiries, comments, suggestions, ideas, graphics or similar (hereafter referred to as "feedback") is considered non-confidential and not protected under laws of ownership. You shall thus grant GLOCK the time-unlimited, irrevocable, non-exclusive, gratuitous right (licence) for worldwide use and re-use of this information, data and materials, as GLOCK considers it appropriate. GLOCK is entitled in particular (but not limited) to copy, distribute, unite, disclose, issue, convert, process, forward to third parties or otherwise use this information, data or materials (feedback) without limitations for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, GLOCK is entitled to re-use in particular (but not solely) the ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in this information, data or materials (feedback), for whatever purpose, by development, creation and marketing of products in which such feedback is contained. Any information provided by you remains without remuneration for you or any third party. 

GLOCK does not have any obligation as a result of such feedback.

If you send GLOCK this information, data or materials (feedback), you guarantee and warrant that this is your property, that you have all required rights for granting the above rights (licence) and that the rights of third parties are not breached as a result of use by GLOCK.


These General Conditions of Use and all legal disputes that may arise in relation to the use of the GLOCK Web Site are solely subject to Austrian material law, to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the provisions of Austrian conflict of laws.

As a place of jurisdiction for all disputes that may directly or indirectly arise from the use of the GLOCK Web Site, the court of Klagenfurt is agreed as the competent court in terms of location and subject matter of the dispute. 

In the event that GLOCK incurs damages, costs and/or expenses, including costs of legal representation or court costs in relation to the enforcement or defence of its rights in accordance with these Conditions of Use, you now already consent to indemnifying GLOCK and to reimburse GLOCK all costs and expenses in relation to this, including the costs of legal representation and court costs. Furthermore, you declare that you consent to indemnifying GLOCK, with regard to all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including the costs of legal representation or court costs, for claims, damages, costs and expenses that may arise as a result of, or are otherwise connected to the use of this Web Site by you or by the breach of these Conditions of Use.


Should any provision of these Conditions of Use become invalid, unlawful, void or not enforceable in full or in part for any reason, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other conditions of these Conditions of Use. In this case, the provision concerned shall only be limited to the extent necessary, or removed and replaced with a valid provision that corresponds to the purpose of these Conditions of Use as closely as possible, so that the Conditions of Use remain otherwise unaffected and remain effective in full.