GLOCK pistol G45


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Front serrations

Front serrations (FS)

To provide a different look and an additional tactile surface.
nDLC finish on barrel and slide

nDLC finish on barrel and slide

GLOCK‘s nDLC provides tougher, more durable protection than previously used finish. The nDLC finish increases protection against corrosion and scratching and improves the ability of the pistol to function in adverse conditions. 
Ambidextrous slide stop lever

Ambidextrous slide stop lever

The ambidextrous slide stop lever makes it easier for gun owners to quickly, safely and comfortably manipulate the slide whether they are left-handed or right-handed.
GLOCK Marksman barrel

GLOCK Marksman Barrel

The GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) features enhanced barrel rifling based on the proven polygonal barrel design which delivers improved accuracy.
Removal of finger grooves

Versatility by removal of the finger grooves

Comfortable grip to a wider range of consumers, regardless of their finger size.
For the perfect grip the Gen4 proven rough textured frame surface is present on the frame. It was designed to enhance grip traction, without being too aggressive.
Safe Action System

Safe Action® System

Three independent safeties (trigger safety, firing pin safety and the drop safety) disengage sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically reengage when the trigger is released.
Reversible magazine catch

Reversible magazine catch

The magazine catch of the frame is reversible and enlarged towards the rear of the pistol. The reversible magazine catch is more user friendly to the shooter's reach and allows them to switch the catch to the left or right side of the pistol.
Flared mag well

Flared mag-well for improved shooting comfort

The larger opening of the flared mag-well makes it easier to funnel the magazine into the mag-well, particularly in high-stress situations where fractions of seconds matter.
Customizable frame size

Customizable frame size

The GLOCK G45 comes with backstraps in two sizes each one with or without beaver tail. The multiple backstrap frame allows the users to change the circumference of the grip to fit their individual hand size.
Magazine capacitiy

Magazine capacity

The G45 comes with two standard (17rds) magazines. Extended (17+2 rds) and other high capacity magazines are available.
Availablity might vary due to legal regulations.
Mounting rail

Mounting rail

Mounting rails in front of the trigger guard allow mounting accessories such as tactical lights and lasers.
Loaded chamber indicator

Loaded chamber indicator

Visible and palpable indicator as part of the extractor to show whether there is a cartridge in the chamber.

Customize your frame size

The G45 allows the user to change the circumference of the grip to fit the individual hand size and comes with two sizes of backstraps in two different shapes. The backstraps are easily changed and secured to the frame with a single pin offering the following options: a short frame (SF) version, a medium (M) and a large (L) version.
The medium and the large version can be chosen with or without beavertail, the beavertail backstraps keeping large hands clear of the slide.
The short frame (SF) version without any backstrap mounted still remains a complete fully functional frame. Its dimensions are smaller than the G17 frame of previous generations.
Customize your frame size
Black crossover package

The black crossover package*

  • G45 or G45 MOS pistol
  • Two G45 standard magazines (17 rds)
  • Polymer rear and front sights
  • Set of backstraps (M/L, with/without beaver tail)
  • MOS Adapter set (G45 MOS only)
  • Pistol case
  • Speed loader (black)
  • Cleaning kit
  • Instructions for use
The black crossover package is available in two variants:

G45 - Crossover pistol

G45 MOS - Crossover pistol in MOS configuration
*Scope of supply might vary depending on distributing country.
G45 pistol with MOS

Compact Crossover G45 MOS

Compact Crossover G45 MOS