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Size matters

How to choose the right GLOCK:

Each GLOCK pistol was conceived and designed to accomplish a specific objective. Choosing the optimum solution to best serve your requirements is essential. Therefore GLOCK offers a wide range of handgun dimensions.

The main thing is to find the right modell you feel comfortable in action. Try different GLOCK pistols at our local GLOCK Partner to find out which GLOCK fits perfectly in your hands.


    The GLOCK with the longest slide on the market offers the greatest distance between sights, fast target acquisition, and GLOCK-grade performance.    
    With a slightly shorter slide and barrel than the longslide models the GLOCK competition models feature adjustable rear sights and are made for sports shooters who value accuracy and reliability.    
    The GLOCK classic that thousands of soldiers and law enforcement officers have come to appreciate. Perfect magazine capacity paired with GLOCK dependability.
    Slightly reduced in length and height compared to the standard models, this GLOCK offers a good punch in a compact package.   
      The GLOCK Crossover models G19X and G45 combine a standard frame with a compact slide. The ideal pistol for all conditions and situations.
    A pocket-size, double stack pistol designed as a backup weapon. This subcompact gun will accept all standard GLOCK double stack magazines, making it the most versatile subcompact on the market.
    The concealed-carry choice for thousands. The GLOCK single stack slimline pistols are the smallest GLOCK pistols with the same trusted accuracy and reliability.    
GLOCK pistol sizes

GLOCK slimline width

Slimline - For everyday concealed carry needs

The design of the subcompact Slimline and slim pistols features single stack magazines in order to reduce the width of the frame to a minimum. These models feature an ultra slim GLOCK design for Maximum concealability.

Learn more about Slimline Technology
GLOCK Crossover pistol size

Crossover to confidence

The GLOCK Crossover pistol models G19X and G45 combine the full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide. GLOCK´s most popular and most trusted field-tested plattforms have joined forces for the ideal pistol for all conditions and situations.

Available models: