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Not every GLOCK is created equal. With over 50 different models, any GLOCK purchase can be a bit confusing with options ranging from different calibers, sizes, generations and dozens of options for modifying your GLOCK. It may be challenging to find the best pistol on the first purchase. Even seasoned GLOCK users might have difficulties choosing a pistol without hands-on-experience with the different models.

With the GLOCK Partners a pool of retailers was created, who know their GLOCKs and help hundreds of customers annually in choosing their perfect model. Have a look at a variety of models and let an expert explain the advantages of each. Decide what your plans are for your new GLOCK and these partners will know which one will fit you best.

They might look the same, but they couldn't be more different.

GLOCK Experience Partner Program

GEPP - GLOCK Experience Partner Program

GLOCK Experience Partner deliver on their promise. With a shooting range in-house, the Experience Partner has everything you need in order to try various GLOCK models* and get a feel for how they perform.

With experienced GLOCK trained armorers on-site, the Experience Partner is not just there to help you decide on your GLOCK, but he will look after your gun and advise you on all minor repairs and modifications throughout the lifetime of your GLOCK Pistol.
GLOCK Premium Partner Program

GPP - GLOCK Premium Partner Program

GLOCK Premium Partners will organize a test shoot for you. With a range near the shop, the Premium Partner will be able to give you the chance to try various models* at a range just a few minutes away.

The purchase does not end the relationship with GLOCK. On-site armorers at all of our partner facilities will make sure your GLOCK pistol is well maintained, looked after and in working order. Our partners are able to answer any question about modifications, upgrades and alternatives on-site.

*Please note that not all GLOCK Partners have the same test models on stock. Use our dealer locator to find the partner that fits your needs. 
In order to find the nearest GLOCK Partner please use our dealer locator.

Partner Program

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