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12 rounds magazine, 3 cartridges and a gun lying on a metal support Advanced magazine technology

GLOCK magazines

GLOCK manufactures magazines which are subject to stringent quality control procedures, resulting in outstanding reliability and durability.  

Graphic of ammunition inside of pistol


The innovative polymer frame of the GLOCK pistol does not require grip shells. As a result, it has considerably more space for the magazine body and enables double-row staggered cartridge configuration. For this reason, GLOCK pistols are superior in firepower to conventional pistol models of the same size.

GLOCK magazines have a stiff metal tube encased in the proven GLOCK high-tech polymer. This prevents deformation, even when dropped from great height or exposed to extreme environments.

GLOCK magazine compatibility
Compatibility within caliber ie. G26


Magazines are extremely compatible within the same caliber and allow greater versatility. Magazines of the standard sidearm can also be used for backup weapons of the same caliber*. High capacity magazines are also compatible within the same caliber*.

*Except for slim/slimline models

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GLOCK magazine with extended floor plate

Higher capacity with extended floor plate

The extended floor plate adds up to 2 rounds and gives better control and comfort due to additional gripping surface. Magazines with extended floor plates are available in calibers 9 mm Luger, 40 S&W, 380 Auto and 357 SIG.

better grip for GLOCK subcompact models
With extended floorplate
better grip for GLOCK subcompact models
Without extended floorplate

Better grip with extended floor plate

The extension for the GLOCK models G42 and G43 adds grip length but does not alter the capacity of the magazine. 

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