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Customize your GLOCK!
Customize your GLOCK!

Steel sights

Sturdy steel version for frequent work!

GLOCK Steel sights provide a more robust alternative to the regular polymer sights. These sights were designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent work with a holster. The sight has the well-known GLOCK sight pattern in white. The rear sight is mounted to the slide with the help of the GLOCK rear sight mounting tool, which allows you to easily swap the sight for one of a different height or type. The front sight is screwed on and it is available in two different heights. Changes of elevation or type are made by switching out the front sight. The GLOCK front sight mounting tool is recommended for installing the sight.

Available GLOCK rear sights:

  • width: large and slim for GLOCK Slimline models
  • heights: 6,1 mm, 6,5 mm, 6,9 mm and 7,3 mm

Available GLOCK front sights:

  • heights: 4,1 mm and 4,9 mm
Steel Sights
Steel Sights
GLOCK Steel sights mounted
GLOCK Steel Sights
GLOCK Steel sights
GLOCK Steel Sights slim
GLOCK Steel sights slim 
GLOCK Steel Sights size comparison
Available GLOCK Steel rear sights heights
GLOCK Steel Sights height difference
GLOCK Steel front sights height comparison