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Customize your GLOCK!
Customize your GLOCK!

Polymer sights

Adjustable rear sights for increased flexibility!

The GLOCK Adjustable rear sights give you the chance to adjust the sights in height and lateral position with the help of a small screwdriver (comes with the adjustable sight). These low-profile sights are ideal for users who use several types of ammunition. Both professional and first-time users of GLOCK pistols appreciate the flexibility of the adjustable rear sight. The Adjustable rear sight is mounted to the slide with the help of the GLOCK Rear sight mounting tool. 
The front sight is screwed on and it is available in two different heights. The GLOCK Front sight mounting tool is recommended for installing the sight.

GLOCK rear sights
The following widths of adjustable rear sights are available:

  • large
  • slim

GLOCK front sights
The following heights are available:

  • 4,1 mm 
  • 4,9 mm
Adjustable Polymer Sights
Adjustable Polymer Sights
GLOCK Polymer sights adjustable
GLOCK Polymer Sights heights comparison
GLOCK Polymer front sights height comparison
Adjustable Polymer Sights
Adjustable GLOCK Polymer sights with mounting tool
GLOCK Adjustable slim polymer sights for G44
Adjustable GLOCK Polymer sights slim with mounting tool 
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