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Customize your GLOCK!
Customize your GLOCK!

MOS slide

Upgrade for mounting of popular optical sights

The MOS replacement slide is offered for several models* to upgrade your standard slide to a MOS slide. By choosing this option your slide will be exchanged and your weapon serial number stays the same. 

The MOS slide comes with a cover plate when no optic is mounted and four different plate options to comply with the specifications of some of the most trusted optic manufacturers in industry like C-More, Docter, Insight, Meopta, Leupold and Trijicon.

GLOCK engineers have developed the GLOCK Modular Optic System to simplify mounting of popular optic sights without costly custom machining of the pistol´s slide. The GLOCK MOS slide allows the shooter to mount the sight of their choice, easily and quickly using only a few tools. The versatility of the system makes changing optics easy. Switching from one sight to another is as easy as removing the old sight, removing and reinstalling the correct adapter plate, then mounting the new sight.

*For detailed information on models and availability please check with your local GLOCK dealer.

GLOCK 34 Gen4 with MOS slide
GLOCK MOS Adapterset 01
MOS Adapter Set 01
GLOCK MOS Adapter Plates 5-8
MOS Adapter Set 02
GLOCK G34 Gen4 with coverplate
Close-up of GLOCK 34 Gen5 with MOS slide