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Accessories Detail Page

Safety holster

The GLOCK Safety holster with its sturdy polymer shell design features a locking system which fixes a GLOCK standard size pistol model in the holster and releases it again with the push of a button. Simple design and a reliable locking mechanism are the key to this holster. A thumb-activated cover adds an extra layer of security whenever needed.
Carry plates of different dimensions can be attached to any service belt for optimum carry comfort of the GLOCK Safety Holster.
This versatile system can be mounted as a light weight thigh holster with the help of the GLOCK Tactical belt hanger.

Note: Only fitting for standard size GLOCK pistol models!

Available versions of the GLOCK Safety Holster:

  • (1) Safety holster right handed black
  • (2) Safety holster left handed black
  • (3) Safety holster right handed black .45/10 mm Auto

Available versions of Belt hangers:

  • Short Belt Hanger in 44 x 4 mm  60 mm or 51 x 8 mm  60 mm
  • Tandem Belt Hanger in 44 x 4 mm  60/140 mm or 51 x 8 mm  60/140 mm
  • Tactical Belt Hanger (with webbing)