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Accessories Detail Page

GTL 10 & 11

The Xenon light of the GTL 10 and GTL 11 illuminates targets reliably so they are easy to identify. The GTL housing is made of high quality polymer. Minimal weight and an easily accessible switch makes the GTL 10 and 11 ideal for low light shooting. Designed to work specifically with GLOCK pistols equipped with mounting rails, the GTL 10 and GTL 11 are similar, but with the GTL 11 having an added dimmer function.
A hard storage case made of high resistant polymer a well as a replacement bulb are included with each GLOCK Tactical Light set.

Available versions
- (1) GTL 10
- (2) GTL 11

OPERATIONAL MODES GTL 10 (1) and GTL 11 (2) 
Xenon Light (dimmable on GTL 11)