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Technical Education

GLOCK Technical Education


The GLOCK Training department provides professional training to Law Enforcement, Military who desire to utilize the GLOCK Safe Action® System to its maximum potential.
GLOCK pistols are used by many Law Enforcement/Military agencies around the world and these classes are held internationally.

Please note: Graduates cannot teach other GLOCK Training factory classes. GLOCK Training reserves the right to remove students from classes and/or permanent ban from future training due to violation(s) of firearms safety rules with no refund of class fees.

More information and booking details:

GLOCK Training Department

ATTN.: Officials only! These courses are available for Law Enforcement and Military personnel only. These courses cannot be booked by the public.


GLOCK Technical Education

GLOCK Armorer's Course*

1 Day (8 hours)

Become a certified GLOCK Amorer through learning safe disassembly, inspection, maintenance and reassembly of all GLOCK Pistols. 

*valid for 3 years